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Checks by Phone

Increase Sales and Profits by taking checks over the telephone.

Taking checks over the phone is one of the easiest ways you will ever find to increase sales and profits.

  • Expands your market instantly
  • Reduced in-house paperwork
  • Increased return on advertising
  • Solid customer loyalty
  • A payment option that costs less than accepting credit cards
  • Collection of past due accounts over the phone
  • The ability to ship products faster - no more COD hassles
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Take immediate payment for goods and services

If You Are Not Taking Checks Over The Phone, You Are Missing Sales.

Even in today's high-tech, e-commerce driven economy, paper checks are still a major method of payment for many consumers. With Checks by Phone, business owners can now accept checks from every American consumer with a checking account, any time, right over the phone. Sales and profits will increase as soon as this valuable service becomes available to customers.

How Does "Checks By Phone" Work?

Accepting a customer's check over the phone or fax can be as easy as accepting a credit card. The steps are simple. Ask the customer for their bank routing and account numbers, which are printed at the bottom of every check and their check number. The next step is to forward the information to our office via fax or a scheduled pickup time. We will then use our proprietary software package that allows us to actually print checks for your customers. Once printed these checks are then delivered to the business for immediate deposit. Depending on the volume of checks, AccuRemedy Solutions may even be able to make deposit for the business.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing depends on the volume of checks to be processed. A small service fee per transaction is typical. The good news is there are no minimums or maximums to worry about. Contact a representative to go over pricing details for your business.

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