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Practice Management Made Easier

Our goal is simple, we want to meet your practice management needs in the very best way possible.

AccuRemedy Solutions understands patient accounting is one of the most vital components in any medical practice operation. Yet it has been one of the areas most lacking in software functionality; until now. With the power of the Internet we can now deliver to you a state of the art service that will prove to be a tremendous value to your practice in more ways than one.

We have talked about the importance of outsourcing and what it can mean to any medical practice, but you may still have some hesitation whether or not this is the right avenue for your practice. At AccuRemedy Solutions, we have encountered several doctors who believe that outsourcing their billing functions to someone else causes them to lose control of their billing and not know what is going on. We understand this reluctance and do not blame anyone for feeling this way. It can be very intimidating to turn over your billing to an outside firm because after all, it is the life blood of your practice!

Many conventional billing services take your data away and input it in their software. They perform their services without your knowledge of what was billed and when, except for the reports they may send your way. This is not to say that these billing services are not performing well and bringing value to their doctor, but they generally do not have a convenient cost free way for the doctor to have access to their account information in real time, any time.

Our exclusive system eliminates that problem
. Until now, in order for the provider to have more access to his accounts when outsourcing to a billing company, expensive networks with remote networking capability had to be put in place, and expensive software generally had to be purchased. The problem is that this is not always a feasible feat for every medical office.

AccuRemedy Solutions has changed all that, and is offering you new technology that will revolutionize how you manage your medical practice! Just imagine not being burdened with your claims filing anymore, but at the same time not having to worry at the quality of the work being done. Now with our exclusive system a doctor can monitor the progress of their claims in real-time, any time around the clock! That means that a medical practice can stop worrying about the status of their billing and start focusing on their patients.

We understand what you want and how important it is for you to:

  • Be certain your claims are filed in a timely manner
  • View your patient's account information in real-time, any time
  • Generate reports with informative and useful financial data about your practice
  • Have the ability to make simple changes in patient demographic information without any hassles
  • Save money by not investing in expensive software, networks, and other technological equipment

Your billing specialist will be happy to arrange a live demonstration of this service and answer any questions you may have.

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