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Calculate Additional Revenue

See How Your Collection Revenue Increases Using our Profit Recovery Service (PRS)
Instructions: Fill out the fields listed under "Your Numbers Now". Make sure to use only whole numbers. Do not worry if your figures are not exact, this worksheet is merely intended to give one a general idea of the potential revenue you can earn using our system. Make sure to visit the Profit Recovery Service page to learn more about this exciting service.

To request a detailed analysis of your practice and see what it is really costing to process your claims contact us today!

Profit Recovery Service Average Business
Using Traditional Collections

Average Business
Using Our System

Enter Your
Numbers Now
Number of Uncollectable Accounts Annually 100 100
Average Outstanding Balance $350 $350
Total Amount of Money Outstanding Annually $35,000 $35,000  
Average Percentage of Money Collected 14% 41% 41%
Annual Revenue Collected from Outstanding Accounts $4,900 $14,350  
Average Cost to Collect Each Account 34% 5%  
Total Annual Cost to Collect Accounts $1,666 $718  
Additional Revenue Collected Annually on Uncollectable Accounts Due To PRS    $10,399  

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