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Patient Well Care Plan™


One way a doctor can ease cash flow burdens is to increase their overall revenues. A doctor’s office, in reality, is no different than any other kind of business. Their customers are their patients, and just like a business, the ability to make money hinges on the doctor's ability to serve more and more patients effectively at the lowest possible cost.

Anyone in the world of business would agree that the best kind of customer is a repeat customer, someone that comes back to buy goods and services time and time again. What many do not know is that repeat customers cost less for a business to maintain than aquiring new customers, and are therefore more profitable. Recent studies indicate that as much as 80% of a business' profits come from repeat customers.

Just like any other business a doctor can increase their revenues by encouraging patients to come back over and over again for needed services. Common services for repeat customers might include checkups, immunizations, and the like that your patients need to remain healthy and vital. What doctors need is a systematized way to follow-up with their patients to remind them when it is time for scheduled appointments, or alert them to services they may not know they need.

Unfortunately, most doctors are far too busy with the business of seeing patients and handling payment problems that they do not have the time to attend to critical, practice-building activities. They are simply too swamped to put together a systematized follow-up program.

The Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing your follow-up process is often the best solution. AccuRemedy Solutions can help doctors implement a systematized program for following up with their patients. We can send patients letters, cards, and postcards to remind them of appointments and to offer additional services they may not know about. There are many different packages of cards and letters to choose from; each program can be customized to the needs of individual doctors. View some samples of our cards and letters.

The net result of this kind of systemized follow-up program is an inevitable increase in patient appointments and billings. Doctors will only be charged a small service fee for sending out the cards and letters and will quickly find that any money is recaptured at a profit when their practice is built to new levels of revenue through this program.

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